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Why should you choose our car services?

  • For the third year we are the best car service in the Central Federal district according to GROUPAUTO Russia. Details here
  • The price is cheaper than the dealer's. You can save money by servicing a warranty car with us.
  • Warranty for works and spare parts 2 years or 30,000 km of mileage. This is your confidence in the quality of work and spare parts for a long time.
  • Certified by the world's leading manufacturers of spare parts and components. This significantly extends the warranty and gives you a high-quality selection and installation.
  • Included in the international network of ebrokerage. We receive support From manufacturers of spare parts and have summary data on the repair of all cars from more than 7,000 service stations on different continents in 24/7/366 mode.
  • The service has state certification. You can service a warranty car without losing the factory warranty.
  • We issue all documents for car repairs. You are legally protected.
  • 45,000 parts available for any car. Delivery of parts in an hour in Tula without prepayment by phone. At the service, your car will be repaired without delay.
  • We repair any foreign cars.
  • We only work with trusted suppliers. You get parts first-hand. Hence such a confident 2-year warranty.
  • We constantly train our staff and pass certification. This guarantees high-quality repairs at a modern level.
  • Available equipment that is not available at most stations in Tula. We make repairs according to the manufacturer's technology and extend the service life of the car and its units.
  • Services are equipped with waiting rooms and video recording. You can always comfortably wait for the car and monitor the progress of repairs. We provide video recording on request if you are not on the service.
  • The cost of work is known in advance. Any uncoordinated work is at our expense.
  • The Director is always available in the service and by phone. We welcome any feedback. It is thanks to you that we can become better.
  • We do work on the standard hours of the Manufacturer, and do not take them out of our heads. It saves your budget.
  • We insure our clients ' cars. You can be calm about the car being in service.
  • Cash and non-cash form of payment
We avoid saving on your comfort and safety, which is why we are the best car service and spare parts store in Tula.

We repair car brands: Toyota, Honda, Subaru, Nissan, Suzuki, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Ford, Volkswagen, Skoda, Audi, Renault.
Our services
Our car service is equipped with modern equipment for diagnostics and repair of cars of all brands
Locksmith shop
  • Replacing the bumper
  • The Assembly and disassembly of the door
  • Door lock repair
  • Replacing the door window lifter drive with disassembly
  • Replacing the radiator of the stove with the removal of the torpedo
  • Remove and install the torpedo
  • Install the crankcase protection
  • Installing blinds all models
Tire shop
  • Complex of works on 4 wheels (removal/installation, washing, balancing)
  • Complex of works on 4 wheels (removal/installation, washing, dismantling/installation of rubber, balancing)
  • Complex of works on 4 wheels (removal/installation, washing, dismantling/installation, balancing)
  • Removing / installing the wheel
  • Wheel washing (technological)
  • Removing the wheel
  • Mounting the wheel
Vehicle diagnostics
  • Computer diagnostics – the cost of the service is 1 thousand rubles,
    repair of electronics of any complexity
  • Checking for power leaks
  • Repair of any vehicle ECU
  • Repair of robotic gearbox (Easytronic)
    repair of ABS blocks
  • Reset SRS blocks (after an accident)
  • Adjusting the speedometer reading
  • Decoding of standard tape recorders
  • Programming the chip keys
  • Restoring transactions after an accident, fire,
  • Repair of regular non-standard heaters
  • Resetting service intervals
  • Diagnostics and repair of pneumatic and hydraulic suspension, valve blocks and controls
  • Adaptation of electronic components, sensors.
Repair engine
  • Full bulkhead with removal
  • Cylinder head gasket
  • Collector gaskets replacement
  • Pallet laying
  • Chain-belt replacement
  • Replacing oil caps
  • Repair of the block head
  • Valve adjustment
  • Replacing rear crankshaft oil seals
  • Chain tightening
Maintenance service
  • Replacement of disc brake pads
  • Replacement of drum brake pads
  • Replacing the Parking brake pads
  • Replacing the cabin filter
  • Replacing the fuel filter under the bottom
  • Replacing the fuel filter in the engine compartment
  • Replacing the fuel filter (gas pump) in the tank with access from the passenger compartment
Comfortable waiting
You can spend the time of repair work in the waiting room of our service
Tea and coffee
Tea, coffee and snacks for our customers free of charge
You can go about your business while you wait for the car
In the waiting room there is a working TV
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FROM 01.07.21 TO 31.07.21
Promotion "25% discount on work for the purchase of spare parts
When buying all consumables and spare parts in a car service-we provide a 25% discount on the work. The promotion is valid until 31.12.20
Customer reviews of the service
The guys are very attentive to everything, in addition, they replaced the oil, filters and cleaned the carburetor. Thank you for your excellent work!
Owner BMW 525
After the diagnosis, the oil and air filters were replaced, and the injectors were cleaned. All the work took only 2 hours. Great service and good professionals.
I applied here for the adjustment of the camber descent. During the work, we realized that we needed to change the shock absorber and the steering knuckle. All the parts were in stock and the replacement was very quick. Special thanks to Master Dmitry.
Dmitry Tkachev
I was always very satisfied with the price and quality of the car service. The service is well equipped, the masters are professional, and the recording is well planned. There are almost never queues!
Anton Komisarov
Nissan X-trail
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